Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I did the Beginner Body Weight Workout this morning. Only managed two sets, but that's two more than I did yesterday, so there's hope for me yet. They are even harder to do than I thought they would be--which is good. Trying to emulate the milk jug full of water they use, I filled an empty liter box bucket halfway up with water, which ended up being 12.2lbs or so--I think next time I will fill it all the way up, because the dumbbell rows were what I had the least trouble with.

The back didn't bother me the whole time, which is good. Hopefully it will stay quiet.

After I finish my breakfast Slim-Fast, it will be time to hit the shower and get ready to head to work.

Today's weight: 282.6 (ugh).


SiouxGeonz said...

Keep on truckin!

Steve said...

Hey Lazy Bike Commuter

Tried to shoot you an email through from your comment on Nerd Fitness the other day, but it bounced back.

Glad to hear that you're starting a blog to track your results. Accountability for the win!

If you're going to do the NF Beginner Body Weight Workout, make sure you only do it every other day, as you want to give your muscles time to recover! On the alternate days, going for a 30 minute walk outside should suffice.

Just stay active, and stick with it. Email me if you have any questions, and I'll gladly help.

-NF Steve