Friday, December 21, 2012

OK, haven't posted in a while because I'm pretty lazy. Also haven't bike commuted in a while because first I lost my job, so I had no where to commute to, then I got a better job to which commuting is...problematic. Still, after calling in to The Squirrel Report tonight, many people told me I need to update my blog. So I guess I will. It looks like our side is definitely winning the debate on rights at this point, as even Bloomberg is saying there is very little support for new gun control laws: Of course, it still includes such gems as
Two-thirds of people polled opposed banning civilian possession of handguns. Fifty-six percent of people surveyed said they’d support a ban on “cop-killer” bullets capable of penetrating bullet-proof vests, and 53 percent said high- capacity ammunition clips should be outlawed.
Wouldn't it be nice if they mentioned that armor piercing ammunition is already illegal, or perhaps learned the difference in a clip and a magazine? They still keep pushing the bogus concept of "assault weapons", so I don't see them correcting any other facts any time soon. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow's NRA news conference brings. I plan to try to update the blog more frequently, but I'm not sure I'll be abler to come up with much content that isn't "Hey! Look what this guy said! He's a genius!" If I can't come up with mostly original stuff, I don't see the point.