Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mileage Update

Looks like I logged 437.53 miles for June. Not too bad!

It was 100% utility cycling, too. Hopefully this month I'll get a chance to go on some longer rides on weekends. I also need to start taking some detours on the way home, but it's just so convenient to follow the rail trail right back to my apartment.

Maybe today I'll ride over to Xenia, a few miles east of where I get on the trail to go home. Might as well check out their big rail trail hub, plus I've heard that they have a really excellent sandwich shop where I could snag some dinner.

Current weight: Around 258 still. This is disheartening. Eating less is hard.


jodycb said...

I'm impressed! I've only logged 557 miles for the whole year so far. I haven't gone car-free yet. I'm just at the car-lite stage.

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

Well, I'm not car free yet either....still car-lite. I am only driving once or twice a week now though.

Jared said...

I know how it goes with the weight thing...it seems like the more I ride the less I lose :( I eat pretty sensibly too! This is a bunch of BS!

Dan said...

"Eating less is hard"

You are so right!