Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So I mentioned that I was working toward being carfree. I have definitely been taking steps in that direction, as can be seen by the graphs of my monthly mileage:

I don't expect it to get a whole lot bigger than that from sheer commuting...maybe 70 miles or so, but when I actually start taking time for long weekend rides it might balloon. I don't count non-commuting or shopping rides as gas savings though.

Unfortunately I don't get off work until 7:00, so I don't have as much time for after-work rides as I would like, and whatever club is here probably has their rides start much earlier as well.


thePig said...

440 miles in a month from commuting is great!

Do you find that your motivation to go on recreational weekend rides is lower since you bike to work everyday?

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

It could be that. I am, after all, the lazy bike commuter.

Just found out about some local group rides that look pretty sweet, so I'll have to see if I can hang with them at all.