Friday, June 13, 2008

Tired now

Whew, long mileage week is over! Every day my average speed has been dropping, and my legs haven't stopped hurting since Sunday night. If I were in better shape this would be no big deal, but I think I definitely need to take the weekend off the bike so the legs can rebuild the muscle. Too bad, as that means I have to put a few miles on the truck--need to return a pump to Performance and buy some cat litter. The litter would have gone in the Burley trailer, but it's a 10 mile round trip to the pet store, and I really do need to rest the legs. ...of course, there aren't many climbs on the way there.....hmmmmmmm.

On another note, one of our programmers walked into the break room at work, looked at me, and proclaimed "I knew you would ride today." He concluded this when he saw that it was supposed to storm. Apparently according to his observations, I am more likely to ride when it rains than during fiar weather. Make of that what you will.

And one more item--looks like I crossed the $100 mark for gas savings this year. Go me!


Jared said...

Nice work on all the commuting! Might have to rethink the name of your blog :)

I, on the other hand, am not doing so well on the commuting front...

Keep up the awesome work!

Tonkatruck said...

Hey Lazy Bike Guy,

Just randomly surfed onto your blog, really liked the piece on the triathlon girl and that bit about how people think it's funny to take note of when you don't bike. Good stuff.

Keep it up, I'll keep reading.