Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, I made this a little bit less glaringly orange.

Now, does anyone know why my blog shows up in GoogleReader as "(title unknown)" instead of "The Lazy Bike Commuter"? I can't seem to find anywhere to set the title.

I know someone's out there, there are two people who read this thing. Or at least me and one person who accidentally added this to his feeds.


Jared said...

Second person on Google Reader here :) it shows up just fine on mine. Title and everything!

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

Well that's good.

Wonder why it doesn't work on mine. That's less important, though, since I know what it is.

jodycb said...

I see the title in my google reader too. I know it's possible to change the titles of things once they're already in google reader so maybe you deleted it on yours by accident.

If you go to 'manage subscriptions' you can click on re-name to fix the situation in your reader.

Dan said...

2nd person #3 here. My title looks fine.