Monday, June 9, 2008

Longer rides coming

This week my brother and his wife are out of town, so I am taking care of their zoo. They are about a 10 mile ride from my apartment and an 8 mile ride from work, so my 16 mile commute has turned to 36 (their dog needs to be fed twice a day. Spoiled little mutt).

I only went there this afternoon since they left this morning, but it's a nice change. I don't know if I can keep up the high mileage every day though. My legs are staying sore, and I never learned enough abotu training to know if it is the kind of soreness that is good to ride with or the kid of soreness that is muscles breaking. Probably the former, but I like to whine.

I see from my sidebar that fuel savings have hit $76 today...another good reason to ride to their house: My truck is almost out of gas and I just spent enough having work done on it that I can't afford to fill the tank up until I get paid again. There's an irony hiding somewhere in there, I'm sure. Ah well, if I can concvince myself that I have no choice I'm much more likely to follow through. Snapped a couple pictures of my commute home the other day, so I will post those.

Wednesday I'll try to get some of this long ride, there's some very nice scenery along the way, but tomorrow is supposed to be constant rain, so I won't risk the camera.

Here's a view from the parking lot at work as I'm about to leave

Here's a view of the only traffic light on my ride. Nothing of the ride in between because I'm not about to snap pictures while going 36mph down a twisty road

And here is one of the handlebar POV shots that other people are so much better at than me:

That rail trail is super awesome, because I ride it for 6 miles. Only two traffic crossings, and it connects to my apartment complex. It's like a little slice of heaven for the trip to work.

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