Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It is sad that life sometimes conspires against biking. Tomorrow I shall have to drive to work because I have to go by the hospital in the morning to try to figure out how to convince them that yes, I really DID live here at the time of my surgery. That will help me get some financial assistance, because the $42,000 total for someone between insurances is a bit hard for me to handle.

It might be possible to bike down there, but I think I would have to leave entirely too early for it to be practical. Plus I have an annoying tendency to get lost every time I go there (the first time I was navigating while my brother drove me to the ER, the second time my GPS gave confusing directions went I went to my followup). This weekend I might try riding down to the hospital, it looks doable on Google Maps, but the 4-5 lane roads downtown might be kind of terrible to bike, and I would hate to find out during rush hour.

Remember, kids: If you're without insurance for a month, tell you appendix to wait a while before it becomes inflamed. It will save you money in the long run.

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