Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am doing rather a bad job with regular updates, for that I apologize. I figure that either I will get the hang of this blogging thing and start writing good entries with more regularity, or I will run out of ideas and fade back into the void.

Either way seems fun, I guess.

I had hoped to bike to work every day after I moved to the new apartment, but that hasn't really been as much of a success as I had originally hoped. I have had to run around to
various licensing bureaus and BMVs (Ohio oddly has the BMV instead of the DMV) to get my truck's title transferred and get new license plates. Sadly, they did not have the "Share the Road" plate locally--it has to be ordered beforehand, and my KY plate expired 2 days after I discovered this. Next time I need a new plate, perhaps I can have my truck proclaim my love of biking. Or maybe I can just get a bumper sticker.

Anyway, I've managed to bike to work 60% of the time since I have been in the new place. That's not too bad, since everyone else where I work is sitting at 0%. I need to figure out how to really spread the word and get people riding--this is such a great city for biking, if only people would give it a try.

Speaking of people at work, can someone explain to mye why it is that it seems so amusing to others when you don't bike on a given day? I'm sure they all think it's very clever to look out the window at the light rain and say "Hey, where's the bike today?"....but somehow I miss the incredible humor. Maybe it's a Seinfeld joke. I never thought Seinfeld was funny either.

Anyone have experience with the body fat scales? I was thinking of getting this one from Performance, but I don't especially want to waste my money on something that's pointless.

I guess that's all I have for today. Keep the rubber side down, kids. I think I've only ever heard one person actually say that.

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Jared said...

Getting started blogging was pretty hit and miss for me...but eventually I found some sort of focus and now it's considerably easier and much more fun to blog. I usually update about once a day or every other day.

Nice work on the 60%! I've been a bad commuter the last month. Although I do have my excuses, some of them are quite good!

I've never used body fat scales. From what I have read they're precise but not accurate. In other words they're a great tool to track your fat loss but they might not give you the correct number, although they're consistently off the mark by the same amount...if that makes sense. You might consider other methods of measurement to get you a baseline and then compare that with the scale. Regardless, I don't need a $60 scale to tell me I'm fat :) I have a gym membership that I never use that does that just fine!

Keep up the good work! Happy bike month!