Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1OK, it's time to start telling the world what good shape I'm in, so I can track it and hopefully shame myself into improvement.

Height: 6'2"
Today's weight: 262
Body fat: 31.4%
Skeletal muscle: 32.5%
Metabolic: 2278
BMI: 34%
Visceral fat: 14 (is this lbs? That sounds like a lot. I have to look at the manual)

OK, so I'm definitely overweight. I thought I had dropped a few pounds since I started biking since my pants fit a bit more loosely. I suppose not, though. On the bright side, my skeletal muscle is a bit over the average they give...which makes sense, because I have never really stopped biking over the past few years, so I think I just need to control my diet.

I don't really think I'm obese, though. I think BMI loses a bit of accuracy depending on the body type. I could definitely stand to lose a few pounds, though. The pic on the right sidebar was me at about 225 or so, which isn't too far from my target weight.

I bet my numbers will look better when I post tomorrow because I will be using my new magic scale first thing in the morning instead of an hour after dinner. So if nothing else, I shall endeavor to post a couple times a week to get my weight recorded.

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