Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Activities!

So I've been actually doing a bit more recently. Now that the long, long Ohio winter is finally coming to a close, I have been able to get outside more. As part of my new job, I get to go and periodically check a computer system in a different building, and I've been walking there instead of driving now that the air doesn't cause my lungs to instantly freeze into solid blocks incapable of processing oxygen. I take the long way, so it's been helping me get a bit more into shape.
My birthday happened over the weekend, and as a treat my wife took me down to Kentucky for the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot.  That was great fun.  I got to meat Daddy Bear and daughter Girlie Bear, who are great people.

I don't know that I really have much to add that wasn't already covered in their posts, but I guess I can throw a few pictures out there.  Suburban Ninja took most of the pics though, since I just had my phone and she had at least a dedicated point and shoot camera.  Since I didn't have a zoom, details are a bit too hard to pick out in most of mine, so they will not be included.

This boat may have seen better days.

 Good way to save your brass.

View from down range.  I believe this is about 400 yards.  You can just make out the Huey that was circling the area most of the day.

Neither the truck nor the bulldozer were enjoying the show at all.

I feel that water cooling is acceptable for machine guns and computers.

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