Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's see if I understand...

Remember: the NRA with its millions of members is a special interest group.  The anti-gun lobby, almost exclusively funded by one person, is representative of the will of the people.


Anonymous said...

You could also look at it like "wow, 1.5% of the population in the US has a surprising amount of influence over the country's policies." I mean, protecting the minority viewpoint is great, but the amount of influence from the gun lobby is pretty excessive.

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

Even assuming that only NRA members agree with the NRA's stance (which is a tremendous stretch), then that is 4.5 million people who are against gun control.

Following the same logic, then the Brady Campaign represents the less than 28,000 Americans who are favor of gun control. (numbers from Wikipedia)

Remember, there are over 180 million gun owners in the country, and whether or not they're i a club, they are unlikely to want their possessions to brand them as a criminal.