Thursday, November 6, 2008

Routine, interrupted

My morning routine has been relatively simple.

After I get up, shower, and eat breakfast, I start thinking about what to wear for the day's ride. Previously, that meant I would go to and look at the temperature + chance of rain, then dress appropriately.

For the past two weeks or so though, their temperature has been way colder than reality.

I learned this when I brought up their site, saw that the current temp was 30 degrees, and dressed for the cold.
It was actually 47, and I was burning up the whole way there (and didn't have time to stop and take off any layers).

Today it says it's 39. The actual current temp is 51.

What this means, you have become useless to me. Stop being useless. (OK, fine, I still use the radar)


jody said...

I like I haven't really used in a long time so I can't totally compare but wunderground gives you a great breakdown of the temperatures and the windspeed and direction for every two hour period for the day.
Rochester Weather Example

Jon said...

Funny, always show it warmer than actual, at my house (Denver, CO).