Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More saddle problems

Well, the lacing of the Brooks seemed to be successful at first...but now it's too soft toward the back, where there are no laces. Not wanting to destroy the saddle by less-than-judicious twisting of the tension bolt, I have posted to Bikeforums for advise.

In other news, the commute tomorrow morning will be cool and rainy. Not sure how I'll handle the clothing issues...it will be (according to weather.com) 59 degrees and raining, so I will have a thin wool jersey with my rain shell over it, but for the lower body I'm not sure. Baggy shorts by themselves might make me a bit cold, but if I wear rain pants over them I have a feeling I will be sitting in a mobile sweatbox for the entire ride. I could try lycra shorts and wool tights I guess, but I have a feeling that would be the worst of both worlds-too warm from the insulation and soaking wet from the rain (though given the choice, I think I would rather be soaked by rain than trapped in my own sweat (as long as the rain isn't too cold)).

This is a difficult time of year to dress for, I always have to choose between being being pretty sweaty in the morning or being uncomfortably cold on the whole ride in.

Maybe or some of the dry rides I should wear two layers of jerseys and forsake the wind shell.

Update: The plan is to wear the baggies and pack the rain pants. If it gets chilly, I can pull the pants on, so the wind will be blocked and I'll be a bit insulated. If not....well, they aren't very heavy and they take up little room in my trunk bag.

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