Monday, August 25, 2008

Still here, looking for ideas

I didn't get hit by a car or anything, I have just been trying to come up with ideas for the next post. Nothing has presented itself yet.

As Phil Lepanto pointed out in the comments, my last post was a bit unreadable to some people. Apparently the font got set to "Webdings". Firefox doesnt' seem to have webdings (I would bet it's one of the wonderful MS-exclusive fonts), so I imagine only people who used internet explorer would have been unable to see the last post. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think it was one of my better ones.

I've still been doing a pretty good job of biking, as evidenced by the fact that it's been over a month since I've had to buy gas--I think that's the longest I've gone without buying gas since 1996. And I didn't buy any before that since I didn't drive. Still though, I could be doing better. It's much harder to work up the willl to bike to a store 5 miles away on a weekend than it is to ride to work every day. Not really sure why.

One thing I've noticed aboutthe stores around here...up on North Fairfield Rd, one of the larger shopping areas and a place where I do a lot of my shopping (home of Best Buy, Circuit City, Lowe's, Target, Petsmart, a mall, etc), thare is a nice separated bike lane along both sides of the busiest part of the road. Hoorah, bike friendliness, right? ...not one of the stores I've been to along there has a bike rack. Not one! (there might be one at the mall, but I don't much go to the mall) I've always said that having a rack to lock to at a store is more important than building bike-specific roadways to get to the store--after all, I can ride on the road with cars, but I can't lock to air. Maybe I should just write to the manager of a store or the owner of a shopping center, I've heard people have actually had luck with that. Any tips from anyone with experience in the matter?


JW said...

Hi, I'm JW and although an erstwhile resident of the gem city, now reside outside of Minneapolis.

Two ideas:

Since I'm in the upper midwest and it being almost labor day, my thought are now starting to fall and winter cycling. I feel pretty lucky to be able to engage in this sort of stupidity ever winter. What will you do when the weather turns colder?

Regarding the lack of bike racks, I park inside stores with no rack and then plead my case with the manager when they ask me to remove my bike. I think of the Dayton area as farily bikeable with the trails and stuff, but if memeory serves, there is no RTA in the north fairfield road area. So it would not surprise that there are few bike racks in that area. Shit, I have not seen many bike racks in DT Dayton for that matter.

HopmasterSpankyJ said...

Up here in the Englewood area, I was successful in talking the manager of the mega-Krogers here to install racks.

If there are any NW side reader/riders here, please stop by and complement the manager.

HopmasterSpankyJ said...

Re Topics:

Budget colder weather ideas.
Bike Trialers.
Touring Bikes. I have a hybrid and am doing longer rides than the bike likes. Where to go next?
Registration for the Tour de Donut ends tomorrow please consider registering at You have an invite to ride with the CAT VI (Competitive Comfort Biking) team "Spankstream Chipotle" (satire about team, ride is real)

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

The Tour de Donut looks great, I'll have to give it a shot next weekend I already have plans. Bummer, I didn't hear about it until now.

That's one race where I could TOTALLY hold my own.