Wednesday, March 26, 2008

About me

Well, let's see if we can get things started off right. The main purpose in me keeping this blog is to motivate myself to ride my bike more. Resolving to myself to do it hasn't done the trick yet, but perhaps some public shame will help. Or at least perceived public shame, as it is only really public if someone actually reads this.

I come originally from Bowling Green, KY. Not a great town to bike in, but it's definitely on the upswing as far as bike friendliness is concerned. I managed to commute to work many times a year ago, which was great for me--it got me into better shape, it put me in a much better mood when I got to work, and it was just all around enjoyable.

I got moved to a slightly different position, though, that required me to drive long distances, working at satellite offices. Sure, I could bike the 40 miles one way to work--but could I bike 40 miles back in an hour and a half to continue my work day? Not quite. So in the interest of more money, the commuting had to be shelved for a while.

In Januray, I landed a much better job in Beavercreek, Ohio (just outside Dayton). This is a convenient location because my brother already lives here, so I've gotten the chance to check the place out while visiting. It's like a cycling paradise compared to Bowling Green--separated bike lanes everywhere, rail trails that are useful for transportation, three mountain bike trails within less than an hour.....this could work out great.

Since being here, though, I've only biked to work once. The weather is much colder and snowier than I'm used to, and I'm a little intimidated by the road I currently have to ride down to get to work. This weekend I move into my new apartment, though, that has a connection to a main artery rail trail right from the parking lot. I should be able to ride the 8 miles to work and only be on actual roadway for 2 miles. This is exactly what I would have hoped for, and it doesn't hurt that there are also grocery stores and other conveniences located just off the trail.

Assuming that anyone has made it this far in their reading, here is my vision for this blog:

A day-to-day record of my commutes, recording weight, experiences, opinions of new gear I procure, and whatever else might pop into my mind.

Apparently some of my posts on other forums have inspired others to get bikes and begin commuting, and most of them are way better about it than me--we'll see if this helps to convert more and make me ride more. I plan to use my truck for as little day-to-day stuff as possible. Ideally its main purpose will be taking me mountain biking.

That's all for now, folks.


Amber said...

Reader: you has one.

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

I am touched.

In the head, I mean.